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We are the Transparent Machines™

directed: beeple
sound design: standingwave
music: Hecq - Pulverized
voice over: Rachel Salaman

animate everything.

all audio and video: beeple

This story also takes place before the robot revolution - back when humans pwned robots.

directed by: beeple
compositing: beeple + Vince Ream
music: Flying Lotus

Simple machines work together to make music.

Vimeo Film Festival (Finalist)

all audio and video: beeple

The American housing market spirals out of control.

Portable Film Fest
Wisconsin Film Fest
BitFilm Festival (3rd place)

video: beeple
sound design: kyle vande slunt
music: nobot
directed by: beeple

Just another typical day in the office for two scientists trying to make sense of the thoroughly-extracted, simple-based, tone colors of a malformed, cybernetic halfoid.

all audio and video: beeple


music = video = cool.

all audio and video: beeple

Ann Arbor Film Festival 2008
Wisconsin Film festival 2008

There are many more films available in the archives.